Organization and holding of exhibitions

The exhibition is a popular format of the event and an effective communication tool that allows you to present your achievements, evaluate competitors, and find new business partners. Exhibitions are a kind of a cut of the market situation you are interested in, they give you an opportunity to search for relevant markets and try to reach their level. Here the offer meets with demand, sellers and suppliers - with each other and, more importantly, with the consumer.

One of the most important activities of the company Stolica Events are the organization and holding of exhibitions of various subjects.

The main advantage of professional organization of participation in exhibitions is cooperation with leading domestic and foreign curators of congresses and exhibitions.

Due to the professional approach, constant development and improvement, rich experience, wide partner network, Stolica Events occupies leading positions in the market of such services.

We have been working for more than 20 years and have proven our competence and reliability.

Our advantages:

  • own resource base;
  • the opportunity to provide services in a complex, including works related to design and logistics;
  • the possibility of organizing an exhibition or other event on an individual plan;
  • exclusive representation of large foreign companies that organize exhibitions;
  • very professional team.

The organization of exhibitions depends on many nuances. The specialization, the composition of the participants, the venue, the format, the objectives, the anticipated attendance - all these factors should be taken into account, which is difficult to do without sufficient experience. Both organization and holding of exhibitions are tasks for professionals. Then the event will be held at the highest level and help you to solve all the tasks.

Organization of participation in exhibitions

Participation in an exhibition, congress or forum is the most important event in the life of the company. This is an opportunity to express yourself, attract new customers and find the necessary partners.

However, for new players on the market, getting into a leading exhibition or a world-famous congress is almost impossible. Even a fairly large and successful company requires a huge amount of effort to get to the top event on its own.

Organization of participation in exhibitions is one of the tasks successfully accomplished by our company. You can fill out the online application form on the website of Stolica Events, dedicated to the organization and holding of exhibitions, congresses, forums and other business events.

Annually, our company provides comprehensive services for more than 100 Russian and foreign exhibitions in various fields of the economy.

Our company offers not only the organization of your participation in the exhibition, but also the design and construction of stands for any type of event, comprehensive promotion, including advertising and PR campaigns, as well as full transport and travel support.

We are able to organize your participation in the event in any corner of the globe and provide comprehensive services for your entire trip.

Trust a reliable partner who has connections with leading companies around the world and has many years of successful work experience.

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